Dye Experiment – Summer of 2008 – Added Bonus

I forgot to mention that I’ve also been dyeing some DMC 12 wt cotton thread along with the silk and cotton fabric.

That first picture was put into the same container as the silk and cotton fabric.  I have yet a third color combination with these threads.   And they don’t remotely match the cotton fabric that was in the same container either.  So much for companion dyeing.

Discouraged, but not defeated, of trying to match colors I decided to play with the left over dye concentrate.  This had been mixed for 3 days and I wasn’t holding out any hope it would dye cotton very well even though the AC has been on in my house, so it’s been a steady 75.  Was I ever thrilled with this next group of colors:

While I’m still going to try and reproduce colors from photographs, it’s fun to just throw stuff in a dye container willy nilly.  I love these colors will enjoy using them in future projects.


One Response to “Dye Experiment – Summer of 2008 – Added Bonus”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Oh my yes, the second set is lovely. Do you dye them on the spools?

    Don’t stay discouraged. It is a tough path to tread, but this morning I got a skein closest to my target color yet. I can’t say I will have the same luck with the next color, but I’m encouraged.

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