Dye Experiment – Summer of 2008

No, I haven’t fallen off the earth, but I have been stopped dead in the water – literally.  My well water system is on the blink, and I can only use my water for toilet flushing and hand washing.  How frustrating is that?  PLENTY!!!

In the meantime, I’m looking at more colors and figuring out the math equations to try and reproduce some of them.  I dearly hope the repair to the system won’t take weeks.  The repairman had to call the factory to find out what part we “might” need to fix the problem.

Leigh asked a question on how I dyed the thread.  I wind the thread into hanks. tie them in 2 spots, and dip them into the dye concentrate.  When I dye bigger skeins, I tie them in 4 spots.  These thread skeins were wound around a 12″ wooden ruller, so were pretty small.

Hopefully, my water system will be repaired soon and I’ll be back dyeing soon.  I have some luscious new pfd fabric that arrived and can’t wait to see how it will dye.


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