Dye Experiment – Summer of 2008 Update

Yippee!!! My water system is fixed.  We didn’t need a new part after all.  The repairman said we had a power surge, and the regenerating switch on the charcoal filter wouldn’t turn off.  It just had to be reset and all is well with the water system now.  Oh happy days!!!

To celebrate, I mixed up the exact same dyes from the last experiment and am repeating the dye run – this time letting the fabric batch for 48 hours.  Hopefully, this will allow the turquoise dye to properly bond with the fabric.

I’m dyeing all sorts of new fabrics this time also.  My Robert Kaufman order arrived – all the fabric is listed on my business website – and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Plus I included a container of the same cotton I used in the last dye run.  It will be interesting to see if the longer batch time will make a difference in the final color.

Waiting for Sunday’s rinse, wash and boiling session is going to be hard.  



One Response to “Dye Experiment – Summer of 2008 Update”

  1. Janis Says:

    Hello, I am a graduate studen at ISU who is preparing a dyeing class for undergaduate’s texile science class. I am so impressed with your experiments and want to try this in my class. Would you let me know whether I can try the same experiment you did in my class? Where can we buy greige of the different types of fabrics and dye stuffs? How can we mix dye stuffs ? Your response to my email address would be greatly appreciated.

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