Ogden Library Fiber Art Meeting

Yesterday was art group day and it was a very good meeting. 

Karen brought 2 “new to us” tools – a Clover folding pen and a scrapbook fine point glue pen.  Everybody was quick to write down the product names  as we all thought they could be used with lots of different types of projects.

Then she showed us a necklace she had made with a cabochon:


Is that not drop dead gorgeous?  The photo does not do this justice. 

Lucy was next and she showed us a couple of her necklaces.  The photo with a necklace where she used a cabochon has a big blob of light from the flash in the middle, so I didn’t put it up, but it was beautiful.  She was kind enough to show us how to secure a cabochon to a backing, so we could all try this for ourselves.  I love making purses and want to try her technique so I can use one as a closure. 

Then she showed us the necklace she had started at the last meeting:


Is this not another drop dead gorgeous piece of beading?  It’s so elegant. 

Margaret did some snow dyeing.  Her shirt came out great.  I love the way the colors mixed and it looks terrific on her:


She also helped me with my Strive for Five pillowcase project.  My local quilt club GVQC, Inc has asked members to make pillowcases for local non-profit organizations that serve a wide variety of people from small children to elderly veterans as part of our Quilt Festival 2009.    Margaret showed a neat techinque for assembling the pillowcases, and her demonstration today was terrific.  I’ll post pictures of all the steps as soon as I finish one.  It’s really neat and encloses the edging  band with only one step. 

I showed my painted fusible pieces and they were a big hit.  Everyone wanted to try it, so we’ll be painting fusibles at the next meeting.  Everyone should be back from vacation next month, so there should be quite a few pieces painted.  



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