More Snow Dyeing

Oh WOW, am I ever thrilled with the last 2 days of snow dyeing. The colors are amazing and the crystalized designs are wonderful.

The snow I’m using is very powdery, and I’m not drying the fabric after it has been soaked in soda ash. I simply squeeze it out, and scrunch it on the plastic basket. It seems everyone else is drying the fabric before they put the snow on top, so I thought it was important to let you all know I’m not doing that.

The following pictures are Kona’s cotton/bamboo fabric from my website:



I used only 2 colors – black and rose. The black really broke down into lots of blues and greens, and turned the rose various values of mauve.

These are Kona’s Pfd bleached white 100% cotton fabric:




Wanting more color, I mixed up some yellow dye concentrate this time. I used 2 colors on the right side – yellow and rose, and 3 colors on the left side – black, yellow and rose. I absolutely adore this color combination.

And the last one is a Kona black and white print:


I used the same 3 colors and again, I absolutely adore how these colors blended. My husband is so sick of hearing me say, “Can you believe this? Aren’t these colors gorgeous?” LOL 

More pearl cotton was dyed along with some cotton lace trim – for my crazy quilt projects.  One of the ties on my pearl cotton skein came apart, and it’s going to take me quite awhile to salvedge this skein.  Lots of patience, and some Pepperidge Farm Extra Cheddar Gold fish will be needed to get the job done.  Wish me luck!!!



3 Responses to “More Snow Dyeing”

  1. sion Says:

    you’re making me wish we got snow here. Which believe me is not an easy thing to do …

  2. Thelma Says:

    Very lovely fabrics,,and that print turned out awesome!

  3. Karol Says:

    If you don’t have snow use crushed ice from your ‘fridge or make it in the blender. Takes more time and the result is slightly different, but still beautiful!

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