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15 Completed Pillowcases

March 30, 2009

As promised earlier, here are some pictures of the pillowcases I made for my local quilt club GVQC, Inc   These pillowcases will be donated to local non-profit organizations that serve a wide variety of people from small children to elderly veterans as part of our Quilt Festival 2009.  

Hopefully, these pictures will do a good job of describing how they were made:







I did skip taking a photo of the second to last step.  That was when you sewed a 1/4″ seam – with WRONG SIDES together – along the open side and top.  I capitalized those 2 words because I managed to sew them the wrong way on 3 pillowcases.  It’s just not normal for me to sew seeing the right side of the fabric while I’m sewing a seam. 

After you sew that seam, you turn the pillowcase inside out and sew another seam, as shown is this next picture: 


Assembling them this way results in all enclosed seams – a really neat way to make a pillowcase. 

And here’s a picture of the completed pillowcases:


I used 2 regular sized muslin sheets for the pillowcases on each side.  Having the band already sewed on the sheets, made it much easier to make those.  I hope whoever receives these pillowcases will have sweet dreams.