April Ogden Fiber Art Meeting

Lots of pictures today.  It’s taken me forever to post them from the April Ogden Library Fiber Art meeting, but ta da, here they are!  There was lots of painting going on at the last meeting.  It was a great meeting and different fusibles were used so we all learned how they behaved. 

Karen (first picture) and Lucy (second picture) tried a fusible that had a plastic backing to it.  It works great for fusing fabric, but not so great for painting.  The paint pooled on top and dripped off when the pieces were moved.  It was disappointing but I still think they can be used for project:

Karen II


The Karen switched to Wonder Under and painted this piece:

Pat used Misty Fuse and placed a piece of fabric underneath.  This way she got two painted pieces for the work of one:

And Maggie, our newest member – welcome Maggie, painted something we all wanted to frame:




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