Spiral Peyote Stitch Ring

An afternoon of physical therapy – I can now step up a 1″ high block – was followed by some beading time.  I’ve been wanting to make a beaded ring I saw in Bead and Buttons for a couple of weeks now.  It was a project to use up small amounts of beads from other projects.  Wouldn’t you know?  I didn’t have any of the sizes in the instructions.  So a project designed to help use up leftovers, ended up costing me $49 for all new beads.  LOL  I now have lots of lovely leftovers for other projects, and I do love these colors.

Here’s a picture of the first beaded ring I’ve made for myself:

spiral peyote ring
It’s spiral peyote stitch, and while it’s not perfect, I like it.  Mostly matte beads were used as I like the earthy – or should I use the more artistic description of “organic”? look to beaded jewelry.  Honest to goodness gemstones are good too, but I can’t afford real gems, I don’t go anywhere to wear them, and I guess I’m lucky, because I actually prefer the subtle look of matte beads anyway.

These are very easy to make, the instructions were terrific, and I might try a spiral peyote stitch bracelet or cuff next.



One Response to “Spiral Peyote Stitch Ring”

  1. Vicki W Says:

    That’s really cool!

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