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SAQA Donation

May 27, 2014

I’ve been meaning to make a donation to the SAQA Auction for a couple of years, and today I mailed my very first one:



I can not believe I did not take a photo of this before I sent it, because it really doesn’t look like this anymore.

This was a black and white fabric value study of a picture of a palm tree I took in Arizona.  Yes, there are palm trees in Arizona.   The label has the inspirational color photo printed on it, so whoever purchases this will be able to see how this piece was created.

Anyway, the proportion of the two solid black fronds was off, and the placement on the piece wasn’t right, plus I hated the quilting in the middle of the right one, and the white zig-zag on the left palm frond.  They were removed and replaced with larger fronds, closer together, and have a black zig-zag around them.

This piece was made last year in a Katie Pasquini Masopust class, and I told her I was making it for the SAQA auction.  Hopefully, someone will bid on it.