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Karen’s FFTs Round Robin Block

June 8, 2008

My work on Karen’s crazy quilt block in the FFT’s Round Robin is completed.  The fabric she chose is wonderful and it was a joy to work on this block. 

My contribution was adding a button cluster composed of cloisonne, painted and metal buttons with a beaded sequin and charm added to mix it up a bit.  The painted button was attached with some rayon floss and a wrapped stitch.

The tatted heart motif was made was Sulky 12 wt cotton thread, and I also embroidered three seams.

The first one was a 3-step seam.  It started off with a hand dyed (Tentakulum) thread in Cretan Stitch, then Oyster Stitch in DMC rayon floss, and as Karen likes beads, I added one to each of the Cretan Stitch points.

The second seam was made with Lion Brand’s Incredible ribbon yarn (Color 205) ruched and folded, then sewn into place with Blue Moon glass pearls.

And the last, but not least, seam was a counted cross stitch floral garland.  It was the first time I used waste canvas and it worked beautifully.

You can add cross stitch designs to any fabric by using waste canvas.  It comes in different counts, and I selected the 14 count for this project.  Cut the canvas with an extra inch around the design size, tape the edges and sew it on top of the block.

After finishing the cross stitch, I cut the canvas closer to the design, then removed one strand of the canvas at a time.  The package instructions say to wet it then remove the canvas strands, but it pulls out perfectly well dry.  Tweezers were helpful at this stage.

The pretty flower was found in an old cross stitch book and I added 2 smaller flowers on each side with some leaves to gently curve around the seam edges.   2 strands of DMC floss created a nice full look and some Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid in the flower center adds a bit of sparkle.  
I hope Karen will like what I added to her block.  It was pure pleasure working on it.


Fabulous First Timer’s Round Robin Gerry’s Block

May 6, 2008

Yes, I have a new blog.  The reason?  I was running out of space on my free wordpress account and discovered one of the perks my business web host offers, is additional space on wordpress.  Oh happy days, because I really love having my blog on wordpress. 

Now I can show lots and lots of pictures and not have to worry about making them itsy bitsy.  It’s hard to see the details in itsy bitsy photos. 

Now onto the eye candy!!!

Here is a picture of Gerry’s block from the Fabulous First Timer Round Robin crazyquiltinternational Yahoo group:

I was the first person to work on it and had a wonderful time auditioning stitch designs, threads, ribbons, beads and motifs.  Here is a close up of the bottom corner:

My very first successful tatted motif is in the bottom right corner.  It has clear glass beads and a sequin center.  It looked a bit nekkid with no stem, so I added one with stem stitch and that stem needed a leaf, so a beaded one was promptly stitched. 

The block arrived with the black lace attached – which was a perfect background for adding lots of embroidery.  A chain stitch curve with straight stitches on one side (made with Sulky 12 wt Blendable cotton thread) and silk ribbon leaves with French knot tips on the other side meanders over 3 pieces.  The little lavender tulip stitch nestles in between the straight line stitching to complete that border treatment.   The lavender tulip was made with some of my hand dyed yarn that was imported from Italy.  Mamma Mia, do those Italians know how to creat yummy yarns. 

Gerry asked that the block maintain a tea theme, so I embroidered a tea cup, added some steam (with DMC black floss) and made a teeny, tiny tea bag (out of some fused and tea dyed silk) to drape over the side of the cup.  The motif was stem stitched with Madeira Polyneon. 

The embroidery down the center of the blue fabric was made by sewing straight stitches in blue down each side, then weaving a second yarn into the stitches, creating loops at each edge.  It adds a lot of texture and I used another one of my hand dyed yarns.

Last, and really hard to see in the photo, was the maidenhair stitch embroidered – in light green cotton -along the edges of the green brocade and the tea cup block.  I was going to add more embroidery to the brocade block, but realized there are 6 people in this round robin, and this is a small block.  It was really hard to stop at this point, but I was afraid I wasn’t leaving enough room for the other people to add their portion.

This is the first crazy quilt round robin I’ve joined, and I’m having a ball.  I hope you all enjoyed seeing the pictures and I didn’t bore you to death with the stitch details.  Hugs all around till the next post…