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SAQA Donation

May 27, 2014

I’ve been meaning to make a donation to the SAQA Auction for a couple of years, and today I mailed my very first one:



I can not believe I did not take a photo of this before I sent it, because it really doesn’t look like this anymore.

This was a black and white fabric value study of a picture of a palm tree I took in Arizona.  Yes, there are palm trees in Arizona.   The label has the inspirational color photo printed on it, so whoever purchases this will be able to see how this piece was created.

Anyway, the proportion of the two solid black fronds was off, and the placement on the piece wasn’t right, plus I hated the quilting in the middle of the right one, and the white zig-zag on the left palm frond.  They were removed and replaced with larger fronds, closer together, and have a black zig-zag around them.

This piece was made last year in a Katie Pasquini Masopust class, and I told her I was making it for the SAQA auction.  Hopefully, someone will bid on it.



Spiral Peyote Stitch Ring

June 27, 2009

An afternoon of physical therapy – I can now step up a 1″ high block – was followed by some beading time.  I’ve been wanting to make a beaded ring I saw in Bead and Buttons for a couple of weeks now.  It was a project to use up small amounts of beads from other projects.  Wouldn’t you know?  I didn’t have any of the sizes in the instructions.  So a project designed to help use up leftovers, ended up costing me $49 for all new beads.  LOL  I now have lots of lovely leftovers for other projects, and I do love these colors.

Here’s a picture of the first beaded ring I’ve made for myself:

spiral peyote ring
It’s spiral peyote stitch, and while it’s not perfect, I like it.  Mostly matte beads were used as I like the earthy – or should I use the more artistic description of “organic”? look to beaded jewelry.  Honest to goodness gemstones are good too, but I can’t afford real gems, I don’t go anywhere to wear them, and I guess I’m lucky, because I actually prefer the subtle look of matte beads anyway.

These are very easy to make, the instructions were terrific, and I might try a spiral peyote stitch bracelet or cuff next.


April Ogden Fiber Art Meeting

May 8, 2009

Lots of pictures today.  It’s taken me forever to post them from the April Ogden Library Fiber Art meeting, but ta da, here they are!  There was lots of painting going on at the last meeting.  It was a great meeting and different fusibles were used so we all learned how they behaved. 

Karen (first picture) and Lucy (second picture) tried a fusible that had a plastic backing to it.  It works great for fusing fabric, but not so great for painting.  The paint pooled on top and dripped off when the pieces were moved.  It was disappointing but I still think they can be used for project:

Karen II


The Karen switched to Wonder Under and painted this piece:

Pat used Misty Fuse and placed a piece of fabric underneath.  This way she got two painted pieces for the work of one:

And Maggie, our newest member – welcome Maggie, painted something we all wanted to frame:



Happy Easter

April 13, 2009

What a beautiful, sunny, cool spring day.  I’ve been out of town for the last couple of days, but couldn’t resist taking a photo to share with all of you – a blooming crocus – complete with honey bee:

My husband raises honey bees, and one of the benefits – aside from very good tasting honey – is our flowers and vegetables thrive. 

15 Completed Pillowcases

March 30, 2009

As promised earlier, here are some pictures of the pillowcases I made for my local quilt club GVQC, Inc   These pillowcases will be donated to local non-profit organizations that serve a wide variety of people from small children to elderly veterans as part of our Quilt Festival 2009.  

Hopefully, these pictures will do a good job of describing how they were made:







I did skip taking a photo of the second to last step.  That was when you sewed a 1/4″ seam – with WRONG SIDES together – along the open side and top.  I capitalized those 2 words because I managed to sew them the wrong way on 3 pillowcases.  It’s just not normal for me to sew seeing the right side of the fabric while I’m sewing a seam. 

After you sew that seam, you turn the pillowcase inside out and sew another seam, as shown is this next picture: 


Assembling them this way results in all enclosed seams – a really neat way to make a pillowcase. 

And here’s a picture of the completed pillowcases:


I used 2 regular sized muslin sheets for the pillowcases on each side.  Having the band already sewed on the sheets, made it much easier to make those.  I hope whoever receives these pillowcases will have sweet dreams. 

Ogden Library Fiber Art Meeting

February 20, 2009

Yesterday was art group day and it was a very good meeting. 

Karen brought 2 “new to us” tools – a Clover folding pen and a scrapbook fine point glue pen.  Everybody was quick to write down the product names  as we all thought they could be used with lots of different types of projects.

Then she showed us a necklace she had made with a cabochon:


Is that not drop dead gorgeous?  The photo does not do this justice. 

Lucy was next and she showed us a couple of her necklaces.  The photo with a necklace where she used a cabochon has a big blob of light from the flash in the middle, so I didn’t put it up, but it was beautiful.  She was kind enough to show us how to secure a cabochon to a backing, so we could all try this for ourselves.  I love making purses and want to try her technique so I can use one as a closure. 

Then she showed us the necklace she had started at the last meeting:


Is this not another drop dead gorgeous piece of beading?  It’s so elegant. 

Margaret did some snow dyeing.  Her shirt came out great.  I love the way the colors mixed and it looks terrific on her:


She also helped me with my Strive for Five pillowcase project.  My local quilt club GVQC, Inc has asked members to make pillowcases for local non-profit organizations that serve a wide variety of people from small children to elderly veterans as part of our Quilt Festival 2009.    Margaret showed a neat techinque for assembling the pillowcases, and her demonstration today was terrific.  I’ll post pictures of all the steps as soon as I finish one.  It’s really neat and encloses the edging  band with only one step. 

I showed my painted fusible pieces and they were a big hit.  Everyone wanted to try it, so we’ll be painting fusibles at the next meeting.  Everyone should be back from vacation next month, so there should be quite a few pieces painted.  


Update on Swapping Studio Rooms

January 31, 2009

I haven’t updated my blog much as swapping the sewing studio with the knitting studio has taken much longer than expected.  Both rooms are still pretty much well a mess. 

The original cutting table placement turned out to be a bad idea.  It just didn’t work.  That meant moving 2 big pieces again. Luckily, my Horn cabinet is on wheels. 

The new arrangement lets me have 2 short ends and 1 long side of the cutting table for use.  The other long side is against a wall.  Much as I hated to lose that long side, this is a much better ergonomic set-up for me. 

Two new wire carts arrived – Ikea’s Antonius carts.  Their online ordering system is slow and sorely needs to be updated.  I called 3 days after placing the order to request the total cost (they don’t add shipping automatically) and paid by credit card then.  Was told delivery would be in 2-3 days, and that didn’t happen, so had to call again.  Finally got the delivery, assembled them, and I love them.  The really sad/funny part of this is, I received an email from them 11 days after the initial order with the final price, and a message saying if I didn’t pay for the order in 48 hours, it would be cancelled.  They need to add tracking info on their website, and add shipping to their shopping cart so you can check out in one step. 

The carts hold a lot of fabric.  I’m very glad I ordered the casters so I can move them around the room, plus they fit perfectly under my cutting table.   Optional stops on the rails would be a good idea.  Originally, I liked that they didn’t have them.  Then I could pull the baskets from either side of the cutting table.  Now that the table is against the wall, I’m going to have to place something behind the carts to protect the wall.  The baskets glide on the rails like soft butta, and it’s very easy to push just a bit too vigorously. 

I’ll take pictures as soon as the move is completed, and that could take me another month.  Everything is getting put where it will stay for a good long time, and nothing is being relocated until I know it will be useful, and used in my lifetime.  LOL  That means sorting through everything, and I have a lot of “everything”. 



January 21, 2009

We had to say good-bye to our beautiful cat, Coco today.  She was a 4-5 year old rescue cat when we adopted her in January 2005.  The hair on the side of her face is a bit wet from the ear drops she needed.  She came to us with a long standing ear infection, but she brought much joy and love to our home.


She was my shadow.  If I was sewing, she was with me.  If I was knitting, she made sure the yarn flowed smoothly.  She slept at the foot of our bed – ignoring her plush cat bed.  Here she is “helping” me tie a Comfort quilt.


She did love fabric.  Here she is making sure the shibori I dyed this summer matched her blue eyes.  Yes, it did:

One of her very favorite things in the world, was to lie on her back and get a tummy rub.   She was such a graceful lady. Notice her gracefully folded paws:


She became ill suddenly, and I knew she was in trouble Sunday, confirmed by the vet on Monday.  She did not suffer.  She was dearly loved and will be sorely missed.   

We remember the laughter and joy which Coco has given us.  Help us to share kindness and care with all living things.  St Francis Blessing for deceased pets.

Swapping Studio Rooms

January 16, 2009

The past 3 days have been spent swapping the entire contents of my knitting studio with my sewing studio.  One room held my knitting machines – I’m now down to only one – my blocking table, computer desk, and yarn – I have a lot of yarn for my business inventory, plus a lot for personal use.  The other room was dedicated to sewing and had my 2 sewing machines, serger, cutting table, ironing board, design wall, laptop, and lots and lots of fabric, trims, buttons, etc…

The reason for swapping?  I enjoy watching/listening to TV when I sew.  The sewing studio had a tiny 9″ black and white TV that will no longer work in February. The knitting studio has cable – for the computer.  The only way to get cable into the sewing studio would be to drill 2 holes in the wall – one into the closet in the knitting studio, and one out on the other side into the sewing studio.    My husband DID NOT want 2 holes drilled into the wall.  

Now the man is a good man, but he has this thing about not putting holes in the wall.  I’ve hung most of the pictures – when he was at work.  He is now retired.  The mere idea of me using the drill to slide the cable through the closet walls pained him. Being he really is such a good man, I didn’t drill the holes, and we spent the last 3 days moving thousands of pounds of furniture, fabric and yarn.

No, I’m not nuts.  There were a lot of reasons for making the move.

1.  Having the sewing machine in the same room as the desktop makes a lot of sense.  I was using a 10 year old lap top that was slow as molasses to update my sewing machine and it was driving me crazy waiting for it to boot up, let alone accomplish anything.  Now that laptop is being wiped clean and donated to whatever charitable organization I can find who might like it.

2.  My husband really is a good man.

3.  The knitting studio room was larger than the sewing studio room.  Now I can walk around 3 sides of my cutting table, and if I really wanted to, I could place it so I could walk around all 4 sides. 

4.  My husband really is a good man.

5.  I can watch/listen to TV when I sew and I can even watch more than local channels now. 

6.  My husband really is a good man.

7.  I can watch shows on the computer when I sew – catch up with Brothers and Sisters or watch sewing and quilting podcasts. 

8.  My husband really is a good man.

9.  The new sewing studio has lighter painted walls and better lighting. 

10.  My husband really is a good man….
Notice how often the even numbered reason is repeated.  After 3 days of hard work, I had to keep on saying it or I would have been in danger of forgetting.  😉 

I can’t take any pictures to show you how the move went, because the camera is in the cabinet under the blocking table and it has bolts of fabric against the doors.  Speaking of the blocking table, it was assembled in the knitting studio and when we went to move it, realized it wouldn’t fit through the doorway.  sigh  I suggested that we cut an inch off the top board, but my husband wanted to remove the top instead.  After he got the screws out, he realized it was glued down on the other sides.  Back went the screws and out came the circular saw, with the long metal guide bar that was clamped to the table top, so my husband could make a straight cut.  Sawdust smells so nice, but gets EVERYWHERE.  We still had to remove the door to the room, but the blocking table safely made the trip to its new home. 

Ahh the memory of Tuesday night being up till 1 am moving a 7 foot tall wooden shelf by myself.  It had 236 pounds of fabric on it, plus boxes of stabilizers, drawing pads, papers, etc…  All that was moved to our bed – as my husband was  sleeping trying to ignore me coming in out of the bedroom with yet another pile of fabric.  Then the shelves were removed so I could drag the emptied wooden shelf unit to the other end of the room.  Then the shelves replaced and all the fabric put back into place – so I could get into bed and join my husband in dreamland – who really is a good man.  LOL 

He’s not a night person.  I am.  If I had wanted help, he would have helped the next day.  I wanted it done that night because I knew the next day was going to be the day of moving the really heavy stuff, and I pace myself.

The worst is over.  Now it’s going to take me at least a week to organize, then I’ll start with the closets, and maybe, I’ll get the camera unburied to take some progress report photos, but I wouldn’t hold my breathe. 


Happy New Year

January 5, 2009

Happy New Year to one and all !!!

Traditionally, this is the season to make resolutions – no longer for me.  I hardly ever kept them and then felt let down when I didn’t.  This was counterproductive to the way I like to live, so decided to throw away tradition and do what makes me happy years ago. 

I love numbers.  Always have, always will.  Balancing a checkbook is fun for me.   I worked as a bank teller between college semesters, and graduated with a degree in Business and Economics, and was employed by General Motors as an accountant before I “retired” to raise my family, so I have a long history of working with and enjoying numbers. 

A dear friend had to pack her entire house a few years ago for a quick move, and it was a nightmare for her.  A lifetime of acquistions had to be sorted through and packed in a month.  How does this relate to numbers?  Well, she was charged by the pound by the movers.  I took a good look at my home and shuddered.  Yes, I actually shuddered.

Eventually, my husband and I will probably relocate to a warmer climate.  What would it cost to move us???  A LOT !!!  My nest is very nicely padded, but did I really need everything I own?  Not really.   It was time to start sorting through my acquistions.

Slowly but surely, I have been destashing, organizing, purging – whatever you want to call it – lightening the load in my house.  To make it fun, I decided to weigh what “left the premises”.   My goal was to reach 2,000 pounds out of here – a full ton.  I thought I could do it in a year.  No way.  I’m on my 5th year, but have reached the 1,915 pound mark. 

Along the way, I was saddened, elated, and bogged down as I took walks down memory lane.  So many of my friends have passed away, and I’m only in my 50’s.  I hardly did anything the year my mother was so sick and eventually passed away, yet I stuck with the concept of lightening the load.

Now that I am close to my 2,000 pounds out of here goal, I realize what a benefit it was to me to do this slowly.  It gave me time to remember dear friends, contact others to catch up and share past memories, and I have given myself the gift of creativity.  You see by lightening the load, I am able to locate what I need for a project quickly – most of the time.  No more spending hours trying to find the supplies I need.  You notice I said most of the time?  Yes, huge progress has been made, but my family room still looks like it is one big storage unit.  I’m not done yet, but I will reach my 2,000 pounds out of here goal soon.

Time to come up with a new idea for 2009.  I needed a new motivational trick to keep me focused on organizing and simplifying my environment.   Ta-da, I came up with one – I’m going to keep track of new purchases, and make sure that equal weight or more is removed to make room for the new. 

Go ahead and laugh all you like.  My entire family thinks I’m cuckoo.  But you know what? It makes me happy and if we ever do relocate, when I move what I still own, and it still costs a fortune, I can say – see how much I saved us?  I got rid of xxxx number of pounds.  It could have cost us a lot more.  You see, I have a method to my madness.  😉  I still have A LOT of stuff, and it goes where I go.