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Spiral Peyote Stitch Ring

June 27, 2009

An afternoon of physical therapy – I can now step up a 1″ high block – was followed by some beading time.  I’ve been wanting to make a beaded ring I saw in Bead and Buttons for a couple of weeks now.  It was a project to use up small amounts of beads from other projects.  Wouldn’t you know?  I didn’t have any of the sizes in the instructions.  So a project designed to help use up leftovers, ended up costing me $49 for all new beads.  LOL  I now have lots of lovely leftovers for other projects, and I do love these colors.

Here’s a picture of the first beaded ring I’ve made for myself:

spiral peyote ring
It’s spiral peyote stitch, and while it’s not perfect, I like it.  Mostly matte beads were used as I like the earthy – or should I use the more artistic description of “organic”? look to beaded jewelry.  Honest to goodness gemstones are good too, but I can’t afford real gems, I don’t go anywhere to wear them, and I guess I’m lucky, because I actually prefer the subtle look of matte beads anyway.

These are very easy to make, the instructions were terrific, and I might try a spiral peyote stitch bracelet or cuff next.



Update on 6″ x 6″ Fiber Art Piece

June 22, 2009

I haven’t felt much like posting to my blog as I injured my knee and it’s been a long, painful recovery.  The sofa and I bonded, I’ve seen everything on television that remotely interests me, and have read a prodigious amount of books.  Physical therapy started 2 weeks ago, and while I still can’t manage stairs, I’m walking much better, and have hopes of totally eliminating my limp by the end of summer.

My goal is for the end of summer, as foot surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday – same leg as the injured knee – and that’s going to be bit of a set-back.  I’m going to be quite a sight sporting a big honking hinged black knee brace, and a black protective boot for my foot.  As I’ve told the doctor, I’ll be color co-ordinated.  😉

That’s enough of health updates.  Now it’s time for a fiber art update.  Some of you might remember I created a 6″ x 6″ piece of fiber art for the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.  Well, someone purchased it!!!  Yippee!!!  The Art Center will benefit from the sale of the piece, and a perfect stranger liked something I created.  That satisifies the philanthropist in me, and nutures my artist’s ego. 

The url to see the piece – along with a bright red SOLD sticker – is   Please take the time to look through a lot of the other pieces.  You just might find something you’d like to purchase to help support the art programs in my wonderful city of Rochester, NY.